RE Commission Update and Thank You!


Thank you to all who came to the Real Estate Commission earlier this month. As you may recall, LTAC was opposed to the suggested change to Section 13.1 that would require the title company to insert the final Schedule B Exceptions directly into the recorded deed.  

 At the commission meeting, there were speakers on behalf of LTAC as well as their own individual companies.  Everyone provided a different and important perspective.  Thank you so much for taking the time to come and make your thoughts known - it really made a difference.  There was a lengthy discussion regarding this topic and many questions were asked by the Commissioners of those both in support and opposition to the change.  

 Ultimately, the Commission asked the forms committee to draft language that would continue the practice of primarily using a General Warranty Deed, but with an updated and revised exception similar to the old “all matters of record” language.   This idea was brought up by one or more of the representatives from the title industry.  The requested language will be considered in addition to the current proposal on the table at the June meeting. Thus, we will likely need your support again in June so stay tuned.