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The Land Title Association of Colorado is a non-profit trade organization designed to promote and advance title insurance issues in Colorado. We were incorporated in 1963, but our organization history dates back to 1906, when a concerned group of title professionals joined together to ensure competency and thoroughness in Colorado title work. Their legacy lives on today in LTAC. Our members, businesses or individuals, come together to protect Colorado real estate transactions. Real estate buyers, sellers, financers and developers all benefit from the quality title work fostered by LTAC and its members.

Our organization provides education to its members, outreach to the consumer community, and insight to legislators and regulators about the title insurance industry. We are proud of our history, engaged in the present, and challenged by our future.


The proposed change continues the practice whereby the title company, as scrivener for a Broker, unintentionally advises a Seller as to the Seller’s warranties of title.  Rather than make a reference to the unrecorded list of Schedule B exceptions, the proposed change to 13.1 requires the title company to insert the Schedule B Exceptions directly into the recorded deed

The Land Title Association Colorado is Opposed to this Proposed Change.  Please click here to see LTAC’s position paper.   For additional information on the topic, you may click here.   In response to this proposed change, the LTAC Board proposes creating a new Residential Grant Deed.

LTAC feels that this is a more complete solution.  It is good public policy that a seller only warrants title for matters that were created by, or arose during the seller(s)’ period of ownership.  A seller can disclose any matters that were created by, or arose during the seller(s)’ ownership period without relying on the Title Documents.  A buyer is protected from other matters by the title policy.  Use of the Colorado Residential Deed will stop the potential unauthorized practice of law by real estate brokers and will result in no liability to brokers for warranty issues.

This will be discussed at the REAL ESTATE COMMISSION on APRIL 3rd 1560 Broadway, Suite 1250-C, Denver.  The official agenda has not been posted but it is our understanding that this matter should be heard at 1 PM.   Click Here for the Real Estate Commission Website.   PLEASE COME TO THIS MEETING AND MAKE YOUR CONCERNS KNOWN!! If you think you will be attending, please email Meghan so we have an idea of how many people to expect. 


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