About LTAC

The Land Title Association of Colorado is a non-profit trade organization designed to promote and advance title insurance issues in Colorado. We were incorporated in 1963, but our organization history dates back to 1906, when a concerned group of title professionals joined together to ensure competency and thoroughness in Colorado title work. Their legacy lives on today in LTAC. Our members, businesses or individuals, come together to protect Colorado real estate transactions. Real estate buyers, sellers, financers and developers all benefit from the quality title work fostered by LTAC and its members.

Our organization provides education to its members, outreach to the consumer community, and insight to legislators and regulators about the title insurance industry. We are proud of our history, engaged in the present, and challenged by our future.


This Summer every 3rd Friday is an LTAC PAC Friday!

We know that many folks allow employees to pay a nominal amount and they can dress down on Fridays.   Instead of having these funds go to a charity on that Friday, we are requesting that they go to the LTAC PAC.  In order to meet our reporting requirements and to make life easy as we can on you - employees can click on the "Donate now" button, log their info and donate there.  Any employee that donates $50.00 or more this summer will be invited to attend a private LTAC PAC capitol tour hosted by our lobbyist.

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New!  Real Estate Contract Changes 

The new Contracts to Buy and Sell Real Estate (Residential) (“Contract”) with changes to Section 13 and Closing Instructions are out!  The new contract is live and can be used now in conjunction with the new closing instructions.  The old contract will expire on July 1.  Since July 1 is just around the corner, make sure you are prepared if you have not changed over already.   Please click here for the official announcement and fillable forms.