LTAC Webinar Recordings

Did you miss one of our past webinars? You're in luck, all webinars are recorded, and are available here!   All Webinars are $30 for LTAC members, and $50 for non-members and have 1 hour of CE credit.  


Timely Topic: Fraud, Internet Security for You and Your Clients

Live showing/Taped 2/14/2018.  Please come listen to Ralph A. Gagliardi, CFE from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.  He is the Agent in Charge, ID Theft & Fraud / Cyber Crime Unit here in Colorado.  He will cover wirefraud, ransomware, and what to do if it happens to you. 
Instructor: Ralph A. Gagliardi, CFE - Colorado Bureau of Investigation
1 Hour of CE credit
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 Scandals & Shenanigans: Patents in downtown Denver

Live showing taped 3/14/2018.  Land titles in Denver’s early days were anything but a sure bet. Deeds to downtown lots were often used as poker chips in card games. Deeds were issued by companies that had no actual title to give, yet people paid money for them anyway. When the federal government finally issued a town site patent to nearly 1000 acres in the heart of downtown Denver, the local probate judges then handed out individual deeds. Many of those transfers were called into question, especially those issued by one particularly notorious probate judge who was also a war hero and potentially a war criminal. No, titles today just aren’t what they used to be. Fortunately!

Instructor: Geoff Anderson, Sweetbaum Sands Anderson PC

1 Hour of CE credit

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HOA Super Priority Liens and Their Impact on Real Property Transactions

Live showing taped 4/19/2018.  In this 1-hour class, you will learn from a real estate attorney how an HOA super priority lien may affect your real estate transaction. 
 Topics covered will include: 
*  Discussion of an HOA’s perpetual statutory lien for assessments and how such lien attaches to the real property. 
* Discussion regarding the priority and effect of an HOA Super Priority Lien.    
*  Discussion of what the HOA Super Priority Lien may be comprised of under Colorado law. 
*  Review how to calculate an HOA Super Priority Lien amount.    
*  Discussion regarding impact of failure to satisfy an HOA Super Priority Lien.       

Instructor:  Britney Beall-Eder, Esq., Frascona, Joiner, Goodman and Greenstein, P.C.

1 Hour of CE credit

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The Power of Exchange: Closing Issues Handling 1031 Exchanges

Live showing/Taped 10/11/2017.  To many title agents handling 1031 exchanges present challenges, but a thorough understanding of the process can provide a value-added service to existing customers or even generate new business. Register for this webinar to gain a working knowledge of 1031 exchanges and learn the closer’s role in the transaction.   Instructor: Scott Saunders, Asset Preservation   

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Live showing/Taped 11/15/2017.  A review of the different types of surveys including what is/is not shown on each. What is considered real estate on the property; is there anything not considered real estate that would not be shown on the survey.  Instructor: Randy Fortuin, CBM Surveys
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Survey Endorsement 

Live Showing/Taped 12/13/2017.   A follow up to the surveys webinar where we will talk about the different endorsements that may be requested and how they tie to the survey.  Instructor: Maureen Dunn, Darling, Milligan, Horowitz, PC
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Claims Chronicles

Live Showing/Taped 04/19/ 17.  A discussion of some of the most common and not so common title insurance claims and how to avoid them. Topics covered will include easements, access, powers of attorney, and red flags for fraud among others.  Instructor: Adam Stricker, Stewart Title Guaranty
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Commitment 101 | This class will discuss the four parts to a commitment, what are requirements vs. exceptions, and what red flags to look out for.
Instructor: Dean Ruybal, Heritage Title
1 Hour of CE credit, $30 for LTAC members, $50 for non-members.
Reverse vs Traditional Mortgage Closings: What you need to know! | Join us to learn the basics about Reverse Mortgage and how Reverse Mortgages differ from Traditional Mortgages and how you as the Title Professional can make the Reverse Mortgage closing process run smoothly and efficiently. 
Instructors – Tim Harder, VP Business Development; Randy Strom, Lakewood Branch Manager / Account Executive; Peggy Sage, AVP Cherry Creek Coordinator; Alicia Schulz, Closing / Production Support Manager; Shari Anderson, AVP Operations Manager; All from 1st Reverse Mortgage USA
1 Hour of CE credit, $30 for LTAC members, $50 for non-members.