Education On-Demand

Interested in taking some LTAC classes but the title schools don't always fit in your schedule?   Then this is the program for you.  These 3 hour classes allow you to log in, log out and log back in again on your own time.   So feel free to learn in your jammies or even between meetings.   It even includes a test, as many of these are core courses for certification.  

Title Licensing Part One * Under Construction *

Title Licensing Part Two *Under Construction"


Liens and Encumbrances - Level II, III (3 credit hours) -  This class provides a full discussion of state and federal liens and encumbrances  It is a core course for CTIS and CESS. Instructor: Phil Schreiber  

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 Deeds and Conveyances – Level I,II,III.  This class covers deed types, who can convey real property, tenancies, estates and entity definitions. It is a core course for CTIS and CESS.  Instructor: Andy Baker, CTIS  Course Length:  approx. 3 hours

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