About LTAC

The Land Title Association of Colorado is a non-profit trade organization designed to promote and advance title insurance issues in Colorado. We were incorporated in 1963, but our organization history dates back to 1906, when a concerned group of title professionals joined together to ensure competency and thoroughness in Colorado title work. Their legacy lives on today in LTAC. Our members, businesses or individuals, come together to protect Colorado real estate transactions. Real estate buyers, sellers, financers and developers all benefit from the quality title work fostered by LTAC and its members.

Our organization provides education to its members, outreach to the consumer community, and insight to legislators and regulators about the title insurance industry. We are proud of our history, engaged in the present, and challenged by our future.

INTRODUCING - LTAC NEW  Management Program

January 17, 2019 from 8:30am to 3:30pm

Management Essentials: Effective Leaders give their people exactly what they need, when they need it. They offer guidance, caring, and autonomy, and provide just the right amount of direction and support to help their team members succeed. They know how to develop competent, self-reliant contributors who deliver faster results for your organization.

In this class, you will learn to:

  • Accelerate Development -With the appropriate direction and support, people progress through development levels more quickly, accelerating their growth so they can deliver greater value to the company.
  • Increase Retention-Leaders who match their style to the needs of their people raise morale, make others feel valued, and ultimately increase commitment, engagement, and retention.
  • Create Proactive Problem Solvers-When employees feel that their managers have their best interests at heart, they perform better, are more creative, and seek optimal solutions to problems

This leadership model is an easy-to-understand, practical framework that helps your managers diagnose the needs of their people and then provide the appropriate leadership style to meet those needs. Your managers the different stages of employee development and how to apply the appropriate directive and supportive behaviors to match the development needs of their people.

Location: 4582 S Ulster St Pkwy, Ste 200, Denver CO 80237


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RE Contract Changes 

The 2019 mandatory Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate (Residential) (“Contract”) and forms go into effect on January 1, 2019.   Please see a copy of the contract here.  Section 13 “Transfer of Title” and sections 13.1; 13.2; 13.3, of the new Contract will affect how our industry prepares the deed. LTAC has developed  the following best practices to help guide member companies on Section 13.   LTAC in conjuction with CAR and the Bar will be introducing legislation in January that will better balance the risks between the seller, buyer and title insurer than in the 2019 contract.  However, we still need to follow the new contract until this legislation passes.   We will of course keep you updated on this proposed legislation as it moves through the process.  

In addition, please review the changes to Section 7 in regards to homeowner associations.   LTAC has interviewed a handful of larger HOA’s and/or management companies in preparation for the new 2019 RE contract and several have indicated that they will not be able to fulfill these requirements.

 Here’s a few highlights:

  •  Annual Disclosure, which most HOA’s surveyed DO NOT currently have 
  •  Insurance Policies, including deductibles, policy limits, and all those insured 
  •  List of all fees
  •  Meeting minutes, even those that are in “executive session”

 We have formed a task force to research how prepared HOAs are for this contract change.   If you interested in joining the task force or have information you would like to share, please email [email protected] and she will get your information our task force chair.